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Vision Statement

Transforming lives with inspiring signatures of grace and elegance.
WS Perfumes is passionate about journeying with you to discover the fragrances that fully express the essence of you.

Meet Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina Andrews-Sheldon transforms lives with the power of fragrance. 

A Perfume Psychologist, Life Coach and Entrepreneurial powerhouse she established the exclusive WS Perfumes and Queen Wilhelmina brands to serve you in a very personal and empowering way.

She successfully engages her empathy, intuition, and strong personal connection skills to deliver an enchanting fragrance experience that empowers.

And the result is awe-inspiring: a customised journey of self-discovery for you, her client.

“Seeking first to understand  by listening and being  fully present to others in heart, mind and soul”

Wilhelmina’s elegant and stylish touch is evident from your first point of contact to the last beautifully packaged one. She immerses herself in every client interaction, ensuring that you feel nurtured and validated by what she creates. Having conceived a truly innovative business model, she ensures every WS Perfumes experience is a beautiful one.

Being true to her word, resourceful, and resilient in the face of adversity are the core values Wilhelmina holds close to her heart.  Providing extraordinary service to her clients, as well as internal and external stakeholders, is of paramount importance to her.

Perfume Psychology

There is definite psychology behind your reaction to certain fragrances.

Subconsciously, certain smells evoke thoughts and memories that ultimately determine your response to them.

So, if floral scents turn you off or you find yourself drawn to fresh, clean smells, there’s a very real – and often tangible – story behind your response to them. Those laden memories play a significant role in your confidence levels and mindset – and how you approach life.

This concept is the fascinating origin of WS Perfumes founded by Perfume Psychologist, Wilhelmina Andrews-Sheldon, in 2015.

It is Wilhelmina’s passion to guide you on an empowering journey to discover your fragrances of power. Combining timeline therapy and her expertise with a uniquely created perfume experience, she helps you uncover your true self.

Wilhelmina will coach and guide you through the journey of rewriting your narrative and stepping into your power.

Meet Queen Wilhelmina

Wilhelmina has adopted the Queen Wilhelmina avatar as her alter ego and as an extension of her business endeavours.

Queen Wilhelmina speaks to each and every one of us as equals because we are.

She believes that all of us deserve to be treated and recognised as royalty. And that is how she has created her business – to allow us the space and freedom to be just that.

Keep an eye on the Queen Wilhelmina brand – there are several new projects, products and services to be introduced under this banner soon.

Until then, stay regal and fabulous – just as you were intended to be.


"Seeking first to understand by listening and being fully present to others in heart mind and soul"

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