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You’re spoilt for choice by our extensive selection of His, Hers and Unisex perfumes. 

Inspired by international perfume house favourites, these fragrances are recreated by Wilhelmina and made available to you under the WS Perfumes brand.

Journey with Me

Life Coach Wilhelmina invites you on a 12-month journaling experience to rediscover the essence of who you are. 

Guiding you with intuition and empathy she helps you rewrite your narrative. An empowering journey to discover the power of living your authentic life.


Journey With Me

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Arnica Ice R50



A year ago I had the privilege of meeting Wilhelmina Sheldon at our Business Matters, network meeting. Thinking this is just another woman selling perfumes. I decided to support her by purchasing two familiar fragrances. I believe in having a night and a day fragrance and was very happy with the costs. My next purchase experience turned out top class as I have requested from the perfume connoisseur to suggest a fragrance for me, musky... spicy, not too sweet. Wow was I impressed as the selected fragrance suited my mood, my skin, and my ambience. Compliments upon compliments, was coming my way...and this uplifted my spirits. I am exuberant and can't wait to experience my personalised fragrance... designed by the perfume psychologist herself. My relationship with WS-Perfumes are inseparable....and I cannot leave the house without it. Thank you, Wilhelmina
Sharon Constable
WSperfumes is a brand that I can definitely recommend. It is a fragrance that lasts much longer on my skin than other fragrances I've used. And it develops on my skin as my skin temperature changes. I love that I can create my own signature fragrance by mixing various scents. It is not just a good quality fragrance but also very well priced. Thank you WSperfumes for nurturing my fragrance appreciation journey
Cherice Mangiagalli
Wilhelmina, I love the perfumes. They are as close as I have ever smelt to the original. Good value for money and fantastic service. Well done Wilhelmina
Hester-Lynne Murdoch
I just totally love Wilhelmina's creations and the way how she presents them. I'm learning a lot from her each time we have a Perfume Party, or I see her at different events. Thank you, Wilhelmina, for the awesome products at such a great price
Olga Lipkovics
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