60ml Men's Cologne Glass Bottle

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Cologne Tips For Men: Become A Fragrance Expert

See gents, colognes are tricky. There is a method to their madness and a bit of knowledge to understanding men’s cologne's wily ways will get you a lot closer to grooming martyrdom. And, having a signature fragrance is not only important for your own confidence but your spicy senorita’s approval too. Women's sense of smell on a guy is critically important to them, they can literally smell confidence. So, let’s dive in and break down all the 411 for colognes and fragrances for men.

Less Is More

Less is more gentleman. You don’t need too much. Two or possibly three spritzes depending on the fragrance power and that should be it. You don’t want to be the guy everyone can smell from a mile away. The spicy senoritas don’t want you to smell like an entire cologne bottle, they want to smell YOU with a touch of awesome fragrance to boot. Remember, even if you can’t smell it on you, it’s probably there softly and subtlety.

Mist Technique & Rubbing

The mist technique doesn’t work. This technique is when you spritz the fragrance in the air and then walk into it thinking that’s going to be the best way to smell good all over. Nope. Doesn’t work. Also, rubbing your wrists together is a no-go as you are just destroying the delicate balance of the cologne. Fragrances have different notes that work in unison and if you rub your wrists together your changing the chemistry and destroying the fragrance’s essence.

Pro Tip: The best time to spray the cologne is of course after the shower when the steam/heat opens up your pores, and that’s music to a fragrance bottle's ears as the formula is allowed to sink into the skin and helps make it last longer. It’s supposed to combine with your aroma/skin to work its magic.

The Pulse Points

Pulse points are the areas of your body that allow for the evenest distribution of scent since your skin there is warmer. For men, these points are the neck, armpits, knees, wrists, and behind the ears. You don’t need to spray the fragrance on all your pulse points. This would be overkill. Pick just a few and see what works best for you. We recommend starting with just the neck and wrists. For most of us, this will be more than enough to get the job done.

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