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Explore the enchanting and influential world of Perfume Psychology with me…

Vision Statement

Transforming lives with inspiring signatures of grace and elegance.
WS Perfumes is passionate about journeying with you to discover the fragrances that fully express the essence of you.

Meet your Perfume Psychologist

Wilhelmina Andrews-Sheldon, guides you on a telling journey of self-discovery through the world of fragrance.

Intrigued by the science and psychology behind fragrances, and our reactions to them, Wilhelmina has created a range of sensory experiences especially for you…

“Let your perfume do the TALKING
while you do the WALKING”

Immersive and fascinating, we’ll discover how and why you are drawn to certain aromas – and how fragrance influences and empowers you as an individual.

This experience, combined with Wilhelmina’s inspiration to ensure you live a fabulous life, are the trademarks of WS Perfumes.

Be Bold & Daring

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The Essence of You, bottled

WS Perfumes specialises in the creation of YOUR signature fragrance. Your personal brand is distinctive and memorable.
Why not bottle it?

Journey with Me

The signature Coaching Experience

Journal your new and powerful narrative, guided and mentored by Your Perfume Psychologist.

Creating a Perfect Experience, Together

Joint Venture Collaboration

Let’s explore our collaborative opportunities

Perfume Experiences for Groups

Quality time with special people

An empowering perfume experience with clients, friends or family.

Wilhelmina helps each to discover their key scents and the significance they hold.

Stylish and Elegant Gift Wrapping

Beautiful wrapping comes standard

Wilhelmina’s eye for beauty and sophistication shows in every uniquely packaged fragrance or gift.

Gift Vouchers

A choice of beautiful options

Surprise someone special with a gift voucher for any of the sought-after WS Perfumes products or services.

Wide Range of perfumes

Wear your Fragrance with Confidence

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Wrapped and delivered in pristine condition

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Your happiness is our passion


Wow was I impressed as the selected fragrance suited my mood, my skin, and my ambience. Compliments upon compliments, was coming my way...and this uplifted my spirits. I am exuberant and can't wait to experience my personalised fragrance... designed by the perfume psychologist herself. My relationship with WS-Perfumes are inseparable....and I cannot leave the house without it. Thank you, Wilhelmina
Sharon Constable
Wilhelmina, I love the perfumes. They are as close as I have ever smelt to the original. Good value for money and fantastic service. Well done Wilhelmina
Hester-Lynne Murdoch
I just totally love Wilhelmina's creations and the way how she presents them. I'm learning a lot from her each time we have a Perfume Party, or I see her at different events. Thank you, Wilhelmina, for the awesome products at such a great price
Olga Lipkovics
WSperfumes is a brand that I can definitely recommend. It is a fragrance that lasts much longer on my skin than other fragrances I've used. And it develops on my skin as my skin temperature changes. I love that I can create my own signature fragrance by mixing various scents. It is not just a good quality fragrance but also very well priced. Thank you WSperfumes for nurturing my fragrance appreciation journey
Cherice Mangiagalli
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